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Our Beginnings, Offerings and Aspirations...


Our Story…so far

Our Beginnings

Simon Carlino created Regent Street Strategies Ltd on the back of his 18 years consulting experience across multiple sectors. Having worked with some of the UK’s top Venture Capitalists and Development Teams in his early career, Simon is always keen to capitalise on new technology and innovation.  Now with the advent of new Big Data and Blockchain technologies Simon saw the opportunity to put into practice Strategy skills honed at Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

Developing our Reputation

With a first class reputation for consulting within the Health and Media sectors Simon assessed the current market and decided to go back to his entrepreneurial roots in creating a new business-offering built around Consulting – but on a brand new technology – Blockchain. Now with several successful assignments racked-up for market leading companies, Simon has, once more, rapidly established his reputation for professionalism and balanced opinion together with outstanding product creation.

Pursuing Our Future

Enthusiasm is the key…. and we’re hugely enthusiastic about the future of Blockchain Technology and Big Data. We aim to grow in size over the next few years and aspire, in the short term, to be one of the leading exponents of Blockchain across key sectors such as Finance, Law, Aviation, Maritime amongst others. Reputation IS everything and right now we’re rapidly building ours…

Dr Simon Carlino (CEO)

The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed


Let’s crunch the Numbers together then…

Vital Experience (Years)
Industry Sectors
Board Membership
Management BI Dashboards Developed
Cups of Coffee Consumed
Average Client Cost Savings Made

What we offer…

The Boxes (below) show a brief selection of our skills and offerings. For more details please contact us.

Business Overview

We will look at your business as a whole to find out just how you tick!


We will fully analyse the way you handle your business

Interview Process

As part of the whole analysis we will interview key staff and record how things work

Technology Strategy

We’ll show you where technology could help

Big Data Strategy

We’ll detail Big Data Strategies for your Business

Blockchain Strategies

We’ll apply Blockchain Strategy to your Business